Belt Buckle Portrait

Our final project for the semester was to create a wearable belt buckle and case. We were allowed to approach the work in a similar manner as our toolbox where it served as a vehicle for a  a non-representational portrait for ourself or someone else.
Being the end of the semester and drained conceptually for what to do, I defaulted to making work related to my personal story project, Joys. The belt buckle itself features a circle set on top of a larger circle which pulls directly from one of the initial logo ideas I had for Joys. It's a symbol I created for the project to represent directional south. The case I designed to act as formal presentation of my belt buckle while keeping a sense of elegance and antiquity with it's construction. The project as a whole was designed to be presented as a coveted object or an important heirloom in order to notate its importance within the realm of my side project.


Toolbox Self Portrait

For this assignment, we were to design and assemble a toolbox that also served as a nonrepresentational self-portrait. While sticking close to the original schematics we were given, I loosely based my toolbox around some of the art I had been working on over the past semester. The piece shows a lot of how much I try to control my materials to make a "perfect" final product even though the mistakes were still present. The inlay on the inside was both for aesthetics to create contrast with into colors of the final product as well as be a silver lining of sorts.

"Stories that Objects Tell" AKA 10+ Objects Project

Please Note: Projects are listed in reverse chronological order

Artist research done during the course of the class.