ReMix: Heartlines and Murmur

Initially for the ReMix project I was going to make three small sculptures similar in nature as what I had made for the Nature Inspired Project. That quickly changed to two when I started taking in time constraints for prepping, welding, and cleaning the pieces. I had decided early on to make the pieces smaller in order to have an easier time with transporting and storing. It's still been a treat to hear people's take on what the objects resemble as I pull from my idea of making energy (lightning) have a physical, tangible form. 

Organic Mechanic: Slug March: March of the Slugs

Starting this project, I wasn't exactly sure the direction I was going. I had just started off sculpting forms out of oil clay to see the direction it goes. Eventually I ended up making several nudibranch slugs out of various materials and placed them a clockwork pattern in a mock pet store aquarium setting. Overall the piece was mostly me just making forms that were enjoyable to mold.

Nature Inspired: It’s Just Anxiety

I initially started this piece with a vague idea of what I aiming for in regards of the overall aesthetics of the piece. I ended with a piece that relied heavily on my intuition and reflected an ongoing mood for the year. The piece was me aiming to give lightning, a thing of pure energy, mass. While viewers can pull my initial inspiration from the piece, they have also drawn their own conclusions for what  the piece reminded them of including views, rooms, branches, and central nervous system.

Light & Shadow: Point Cut

After seeing Hendee's work, I wanted to create something inspired by his pieces but still reflect my personal aesthetics. I approached the project wanting to create a fairly geometric shape based around a diamond shape but still have a line of light cutting through the piece. The final piece ended up being a rhombic fusel octahedral opened up in the middle where the two short halves meet.

Please Note: Projects are listed in reverse chronological order

Artist research done during the course of the class.